My Surf Coach

We are coaches, are you an athlete?

My Surf Coach is the culmination of many years of work in the field of surfing, teaching and sports performance. Our Club was set up with the aim of helping surfing to grow locally and nationally through professionalizing athletes, training specialized trainers and creating sports structures to take this sport to a higher level. The training we offer our surfers aims to satisfy all their needs, not only in the technical and sports side of things, but also emotionally. My Surf Coach wants to train high level athletes who not only stand out due to their results, but also due to their character and, above all, their values.

Behind My Surf Coach, there is a team that, after many years of involvement in national surfing, working with some of the world’s best surfers and training, to become surfing coaches as well as teaching the technicality of surfing, have become specialized trainers to make their dream of coaching new surfers come true.


My Surf Coach is a centre for the comprehensive training of athletes that combines passion and science to train, accompany and support world-class surfers and mark a before and after in the sporting performance of surfing in Galicia and Spain.


Our dream is to create a powerful structure to professionalize surfing nationwide and get the best out of each athlete to incite their curiosity, develop people who are critical of the environment and improve their abilities of expression, communication and adaptation because we know that, only then , will they be able to be part of the world elites of this great sport.

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