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Accompaniment to championships

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Accompaniment to championships

The championship accompaniment programme offers athletes the possibility of joining the My Surf Coach structure for WQS, Pro Junior tests, circuits or national and/or regional championships.


  • Tutoring of underage athletes (if applicable) during the established competition period (this tutoring begins by picking up the minor and dropping him/her off afterwards).
  • Coaching during the competition period, both when competing and not.
  • Transportation* from the pick-up point (to be determined according to where the athlete lives) to the championship and return. As well as during the days on which the competition is held.
  • Coordination of breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
  • Valuation of the material according to the conditions.
  • Athlete evaluation report after the competition.
  • The use of this programme allows you to go to the My Surf Coach camps paying €42/day for training.



  • 1 championship – WQS €295* – PJ €250*
  • 2 championships – WQS €460* – PJ €450*
  • 3 championships – WQS €690* – PJ €550*
  • 4 championships – WQS €925* – PJ €730*
  • 5 championships – WQS €1,155* – PJ €920*

*Transportation, lodging and meals expenses not included

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Martín Nunes

Martín Nunes

Estar com a My Surf Coach neste campeonato foi muito positivo, gostei muito das dicas tanto no campeonato como nos treinos, as rotinas foram muito boas e fizeram me sentir bem para o campeonato! O Jesús é um grande treinador e uma pessoa muito boa, gostei de criar um relação com ele e ele ajudou me em todos os aspetos!

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