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Surf Training Lanzarote

> amateur and high performance
Surf Training Lanzarote

Improve your Surf, improving your physical condition in Lanzarote.

1 Complementary training for surfers based on body awareness work.

2 Improve your intermuscular range of motion and kinetic chains

3 Work focused on technical improvement with mirror training. Specific surfing skills, base position, bottom turns, cut backs, top turns and air skills.

4 Training to improve and prevent injuries of a surfer, shoulder, hip, knee, back/spine and ankles.

Duration: 1 h

Groups: 6 people max

Schedule: Availability of other hours to consult

Prices: 1 weekly session 110€ / month

Bonos: 4 sessions* 125€ – *expires in 3 months

Classes: Group 35€ / session – Private 60€

Where: Alava Suites

Coach: Jesús M. Guerra

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